Friday, September 14, 2007

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week nine; thing 23: summary

This was a very worthwhile learning experience. I enjoyed my discoveries, particularly flickr, youtube, and online image generators.

In my opinion, the "discoveries" took more time than I expected. It probably varies from person to person, depending on their nature. I like to explore things, and so I went down many side-tracks along the way...some more time-consuming than others. Which accounts for why I did not get my name in the drawing for the ipod!

So, yes... I am definitely going to do something like this again...this time, my goal is to finish with the group and get my name in the ipod drawing.

(this is the sentence you can use for promotions:)
23things is a very rewarding and positive learning experience.

week nine; thing 22: downloadable audio books

This is going to change copyright laws and their meaning.

It's true, you can download audio books, music, and videos. Some digital libraries require that you have the license to do so, others do not. On netlibrary you can create an account (free) and access the materials online, download to your computer, and open it through windows media player. There is a license number required to open the audio book on your media player, which you obtain when you register with netlibrary, but other than that, the audio book is yours for the listening. You have 3 weeks with the license number. In that time, you can burn a CD or put it on a portable device, but not an ipod (bummer!)

I liked overdrive better than netlibrary, because you can put the material on your ipod.

Friday, September 7, 2007

week nine; thing 21: podcasts

I thought I knew. I thought I knew what a podcast was. And then I watched one. It was a ninja explaining podcast in a way I had not seen or heard of before. And I was captured by his imagination.

It went like this: A podcast is like an apple pie factory that keeps making apple pies and putting them out for sharks to eat. The sharks line up and wait for the apple pies. And the pies keep coming at the sharks; more and more---- fresh and new--- delicious apple pies! That was his metaphor for podcast feeds: Information coming to you, non-musical, (though can contain music) audio and/or video broadcasts delivered regularly over the internet through RSS.

My search for a podcast of interest began at Yahoopodcasts and ended at podcastalley. I subscribed to thisone through bloglines. Now, I can listen to it on my computer, or download it to my mp3player and take it on-the-go! Pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

week nine; thing 20: youtube

Ok, confessions of a newbie-blogger: this was my first visit to YouTube. I had viewed the site, once or twice, from afar, over someone's shoulder. I had imagined the way to Youtube, but had not been before now. Wow! You can search under countless categories for the video clip that will suit you to a T, but it may take some'll find clips that are boring, slow, and obviously made with someone else in mind. And, you'll find clips that entertain and instruct, home-videos, music videos, and current-event video clips, and much more!

The site has an aura of "you-can-too!" That's how I feel when I'm youtubing: You can too. You can see what others can make what others can do what others do (like watch youtube!)

Posting the video-clip to my blog was not a problem...just followed the directions and ta-da! But, selecting the clip was time consuming because there were quite a few good ones. I was torn between and comedy and a dance clip. In the end, I chose this one on Alan Alda because I like the way he pronounces "Chile." The whole library setting, book discussion-thing, did not influence my decision at all.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

week eight; thing 19: Web 2.0 awards

With so many Web 2.0 winners to choose from, that I made it this far in 24 hours was no small feat! I ended up choosing something that appealed to me: 43 Things. It appealed to me for two reasons. First, it offered a continuation of something familiar, (23 Things) and secondly, I like lists. Actually, I spent so much time yesterday discovering my site of choice, that over the course of the day I began to muse over two speculations: "Do 'I want to' lists evoke dreams, or the other way around?..." and "...Maybe list-makers are procrastinators in disquise." (I'm still musing over the latter thought, because it disturbs me to think that all my list-making over the years might really be in fact the very thing I have been trying to avoid by making the lists: ...the p-word!) The number of people wanting to do the same thing in staggering figures led me to conclude that list-making is very popular and people always want to do something. Part of our humanity, I guess.

This site has some nice features for those of us who like to organize and share our dreams of doing something. You can offer and receive encouragement (called "cheers" on this site) as well as reminders of your goal. You can make journal entries about your goals, achievements and/or struggles. And, as with so many social-networking sites, you can get ideas by reading what other people want to do or have done. If you are new to 43 things...don't despair when you look at your profile and it reads: "(your name) has done 0 things, gone 0 places and has 0 cheers." Just keep plugging away and you'll get ....somewhere.... eventually, and if not, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're not the only dreamer!

Now, in response to the final question of this nineteenth thing, "How could this site be useful in a library setting?" Hmm.... Besides the fact that it has already been useful b/c Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0 is loosely based on the website 43 things...besides that, I thought more specifically about For instance, maybe there is someone else who has done/wants to do some library-related skill. So I entered a new want on my list of things to do. I had to talk myself into it because it wasn't a sincere want ...and I really don't like fabricating, ...but I rationalized it away and continued...anyway...and it looked like this: "Conduct a power-point presentation." You can imagine my dismay to find out that on this site, this very popular website where thousands of people want to do similar things, I am the only one who wants to do that! And I'm only wanting to do it insincerely, as part of a learning experience!

In conclusion, I think this site is great for personal growth and development (nice cliche words for getting-your-act-together) and that is a worthy application in any setting, including the library.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

week 8; thing 18: online productivity tools

If someone told me I'd be using a web-based application today, I would have said, "What is that!!!?"..and now I'm really liking the one I'm using. I am typing this document from Zoho Writer where you can do everything Microsoft Word does and more. Not only that, you can publish your documents to your blog, (as will be the case with this when I am finished,) and share your documents with others over the internet. And I found out about more cool features from reading a zoho document that was created by Helene Blowers and edited by Jean Herriges and revised by me with the handy cut-and-paste feature I love so well

1) Your documents can be saved online, so you can access them anywhere and you don't have to carry your USB drive or a diskette around.

2) You can export this file as a Word or .txt file document, which makes it easy to use inside Word.

3) The email feature is easy to use also. It allows you to email this document as a Word file, .pdf document, HTML and many other options.

4) I like that you can publish documents as a public file so anyone (like you right now) can read it as a web page.

5) I also like that you can export a file as a .pdf document or HTML (this is very cool!!)

6) And if you like, you can also use Zoho as a text editor and then publish your document as a post on your Blogger blog.